USCIS: No Longer Securing It’s Promise As “a nation of immigrants”

Last month U.S. Citizenship and Immigration changed their mission statement to cut out the words, “the promise of the United States as a nation of immigrants” but instead now reflects the familiar Trump administration policies and rhetoric regarding immigration. Despite the ambivalence regarding immigration, the United States remains a nation built on immigrants. We see and use the evidence of this every day from the farming and beef industries that feed our nation, to the railroads that carry people and resources, and the skyscrapers that reach high above the clouds in our major cities. The US Government as well as businesses nationwide have relied time and again on foreign labor to facilitate economic growth. Even so, the relationship with immigration here in America remains perplexing and capricious. No matter how many times the mission statement is reworded, the footprints dating back hundreds of years that have been left behind by each wave of immigrants who come to this country to build a better tomorrow are renewed with each generation that follows.