America Is A Nation Of Immigrants

At Harrington Law Offices, we’re dedicated to the immigrants who arrived in America in pursuit of a future. We are the children, grandchildren or great grandchildren of immigrants who came to America in search of something more. Our every approach puts immigration solutions first. We know our family’s story. Now, we’re ready to hear yours.

Situated in Boston, MA, our team is perfectly located to extend services across the United States. Every day, we find immigration solutions. Every Boston immigration law attorney in Harrington Law Offices works diligently to keep families together.

Our Dedication to Immigration Law

Your immigration lawyer team in Boston is highly experienced in family-based immigration and business immigration alike. At Harrington Law Offices, immigration law is all we do. We understand the difficulties surrounding immigration issues. We also know how to overcome them. By providing client-centered, cost-effective and goal-driven immigration solutions, Harrington Law Offices puts the American Dream—and your story—first.

We Provide Direction

By helping clients maneuver the legal system, we provide the direction needed to secure citizenship and court/asylum. The road to citizenship is long, but it doesn’t need to be traveled alone.

We Eliminate Obstacles

By targeting the obstacles standing between you and your immigration goals, we create clear-shot options. Let us be your deportation and removal defense. Let us solve your family-based immigration needs.

We’re Passionate About Our Work

We’re passionate about what we do. By being thorough, methodical and timely, we make sure all requisite documentation is filed. We’re trained in business and family immigration law combined, protecting America as a nation of immigrants.

Contact Us Today for a Low-Cost Consultation

Harrington Law Offices has the experience needed to handle all your immigration law needs. Call us at 617-482-3800 or contact us by email. Schedule a consultation, and ask about our business and family immigration options.

We believe an immigration lawyer in Boston should put families first. By relying on years of experience, law knowledge and effective citizenship routes, we’re prepared to be your deportation and removal defense. Harrington Law Offices has helped thousands avoid deportation and removal, obtain visas and attain citizenship. Now, we’re here to help you. Se habla español. Se Fala Português.