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Are your nerves on high due to an upcoming Stokes Interview?

Marrying the love of your life may have been one of the most anticipated moments of your life. However, because your spouse is a United States citizen and you are not, your relationship may come under scrutiny. Some individuals may try to commit marriage fraud in order for an immigrant to more quickly obtain a green card. While this certainly does not apply to you, you could still face questioning.

Though you and your spouse will need to go through various steps in order for your marriage to occur and to show the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services that your marriage took place in good faith, you could also face additional interviews. If for some reason an immigration officer doubts the validity of your relationship, you may have to go through a second interview known as a Stokes Interview.

Interview questions

Because the immigration officer wants to ensure that you and your spouse have a true and loving relationship, the questions asked may seem invasive. However, the information the officer seeks should not seem as an effort to intentionally embarrass you. You may still need to answer personal questions that may seem irrelevant to you, but that could provide an immigration officer with a better idea of how close you and your spouse truly are.

Separate interviews

Though your initial interview may have involved both you and your spouse answering questions together, the Stokes Interview involves questioning each of you separately. You may feel more nervous without your spouse, but if you remember to answer the questions to the best of your ability, the situation may go more smoothly.

Answer honestly

You may understandably feel a great deal of nerves and anxiety during this time. After all, the outcomes of this interview could determine whether you obtain your green card and whether your marriage is considered valid. Because of these feelings, you may not remember every answer to the questions posed to you.

Instead of making up an answer or guessing, you may do well to simply state that you do not know the answer. Some questions may ask about minute details, and simply stating that you do not remember may come across better than a stab in the dark.

Having legal counsel

If you feel worried about your Stokes Interview, you may want to gain more information about what the process may entail. Utilizing local legal resources could help you ensure that you gain reliable information. Additionally, you may wish to speak with an attorney regarding what you should pay attention to in preparation for your interview and how your legal counsel could help during the interview.

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