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America Is A Nation Of Immigrants

At Harrington Law Offices, we are the children, grandchildren or great grandchildren of immigrants who came to America in search of something more. We know their stories, and we are ready to hear yours.

Located in Boston, we help people throughout Massachusetts and across the U.S. find immigration solutions that keep their families together, create business opportunities, help employees share their talent and protect individuals who are seeking a safe haven.

Devoted Exclusively To Immigration Law

At Harrington Law Offices, we are immigration lawyers — it's all we do. We understand the anxiety caused by immigration issues, and we are here to help you.

We Find Answers
Immigration law is complex. Trying to move through the system can feel like attempting to navigate an ever-changing maze. We provide the answers, clarity and direction you need.

We Eliminate Obstacles
We are single-minded in pursuing creative legal strategies to eliminate obstacles that stand between you and your immigration goals.

We Are Passionate About Our Work
We are passionate about what we do, as well as thorough, methodical and timely in preparing and filing requisite paperwork and documentation.

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We have the experience to handle all of your immigration law needs. Please call us at 617-482-3800 or contact us by email to schedule a consultation. Attorney Daniel P. Harrington has helped thousands of people obtain visas, avoid removal and attain residency or citizenship. We look forward to helping you. Se habla español. Se Fala Português.